FOR SALE BY OWNER Equestrian Estate + Successful VRBO!

Privately nestled on beautiful meadows in the foothills of Yosemite and Bass Lake.  This luxury estate is Shangri-La. Warm in the winter and cool in the summer (2000’ elevation) with year-round recreational activities everywhere. The approx. 4,200 sq. ft.,  5 bedroom (+Man Cave), 2 are Suites, 3.5 bath main house (sleeps 8 to 10) with BEAUTIFUL built-in Oak cabinets; heated floors, two fireplaces, multiple private entrances.  Sits on 7.5 acres fully fenced, Ponderosa filled pastures, three electric gates, new barn in ’14 w/comfort stalls. Huge pool, jacuzzi, waterfall and fire pit.  Plenty of water, underground stream, 2 wells (deep+ground), everything works and turn key.  Current owner lives on property in a private, new (’15) 2,500 sq. ft. (SFR) away from the main house. The property is 4.7 miles from the rockin’ mountain village of Oakhurst with 20 great restaurants, cinema, microbrewery, Raley’s grocery (Quality markets Bel Air + Knob Hill),

$1,400,000  OWC 1st healthcare, art galleries, retail stores, farmer’s market, AND Gateway to Yosemite and the Sierras.

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VRBO= #485890(House)//#652386(Little House) The big house is booked almost full by late April at $450 to $600 per night. Turn key (fully furnished) and ready to rent with advertising, 800#, credit rating, bank account, and bookings. Projected earnings of $50k next year, part time, main house only. Welcome verification.   Including established rental business and its assets.   800-459-8429  CHECK THE REVIEWS,  ALL 5 STAR!!

Wonderful place to raise a family, awesome summer home for the kids, heathy environment in a house that was filled with love and happiness, in a pinch, a respectable income.  A home that was very well taken care of, full house generator, upgraded in every way, you should see drone video on this one.  FOR SALE BY OWNER,LAllyn/CONSIDER OWC ‘FIRST’ W/SIZABLE DOWN@$1.4 mil (Appraised summer’15) Offers carefully considered.



All the batteries on the electric gates were changed and ALWAYS marine batteries, not regular.

Booster Pump in Well House

Waterfall Pump in Pool House

Compressor and Fan in Big sub-zero in Main

Pool Float (ball cock) for proper pool level

County felled 3 trees and took wood away free.

Put 10 truck loads of clean chips at meadows along Road 600, spread them, will plant grass after last frost in Spring 2018.  

New BBQ 2016

Complete asphalt road resurfacing and addition of road up to your propane (1000 gal) and water tanks (2 ea 1500 gal = 3,000).


All fence post concrete in 206’ round pen is 6”  below dirt via equestrian safety standards.  All wooden fence posts were placed 4 to 6’ down and with a bed of river rock, fence post on ROCK (not ground) and filled with 3 to 5 bags of Redi-Mix EACH.  In 8 years I have only replaced 8 fence posts and two were broken by guests. (no biggie).

The Electrobraide is DOUBLE (above and below) throughout the estate except pasture #2.  Keeps horses in, and small animals and other dogs, out.

Thermo floor and Thermo Tile guarantee and correct diagram in ‘equipment’ file for estate.

The main house kit/pub/den/laundry room and the Little House ALL the floors separated into the six programmable temperature gages.

Purchased extra water filter bags for booster pump house.  It is an expensive Falksan Filter and the bags are a little pricey.  Fortunately, you only have to change them once a year OR IF you run the 3,000 gallons out of the tanks.  Yes, you will.  Someday, somehow but with THESE tanks it is no big deal.  You’ll have water again in about 2 hours, tanks recover fully back to 1500 gal each in 7 hours and everything is fine.
If you ever lose electricity, you still have water because it is ‘gravity feed’ from up above.  That is why the Little House has such great water pressure.
In the summer if you mow the weeds in the pastures every 3 weeks or so, the horses will continue to eat the ‘new growth’ weeds AND (this is odd) the cut weeds on the ground. Really elongates their grazing (hay saving) and the pastures look super, too. I’ve had years where I mowed until July, this year (2017) it was August. During the drought, I still mowed until the end of June.

The drought did not effect our deep well Ahwahnee water, however, our underground stream stopped flowing ??August ‘ish and picked up the second it started to rain, again.  We get the tail end of Yosemite rain.  It can sprinkle on and off all night, even in the summer.  Goldside our neighbors south do not get nearly this awesome amount of gentle rain.

Private road on Riverbend side is mostly your easement and ends at the cul-de-sac by the McMakin estate.

Water heaters (3) are the highly rated Tagaki.  They have several features that rate them over the Rinnai:
Most parts are standard plumbing items.
Flushing them is 15 minutes, not 45minutes.
There flow rate is exceptional.  The one in the main garage can do dishes, wash, and a guest can shower with only a small reduction in water flow.
I added an ‘external’ hot water faucet outside the tankless in the Little House to help with equine ‘stuff’, i.e., hose off legs in winter, irrigate a boo-boo, hose mud off blankets, ets.

There are 14 gates and three electric gates.  The gates are designed to accommodate any size truck and VERY large ones can come in, turn around, or do a thru-n-thru out the large exit gate on Road 600.  Gates on both side of road thru estate are double wide and if ground is hard, big trucks can come and go into the pastures.  

The asphalt road up to the water tanks and propane facilitate delivery of the latter as you own the tanks and can shop for propane prices thru 4 or 5 vendors.

The estate was started in 1989 but not fully completed until 1994.  They lived here a short time, and purchased about 1998 by a family of 4.  They lived here until purchased by us in 2010.  The estate was occupied by 2 people for 5 years.  My husband and I lived in the main house for 4 years and my vacation rental for three years has only put 9 months wear and tear on the main estate house.  My rough estimate is a 28 yr old house, empty for 3+ years, 4 residents for 6 yrs, 3 for 2 yrs and 2 people only for 7 years, plus the full year at the end of the tourist season 2018. The main estate house has about 14 yrs of residence and the occupancy was 25% of capacity.  This means instead of the water pump filling the tanks twice a week, it would fill them every THREE weeks.  You don’t see a lot of wear and tear on a house that I consider practically turn key and very vacation rentable, now.

Fireplaces are extremely efficient.  The Little House wood stove will heat the entire house.  The Main house great room fireplace will heat entire front of house and has a fan to blow heat into den side of front.  There are drop ‘blinds’ entering the long hall to retain heat into front and not dissipate into the bedrooms.  
Fireplace in the Master is double sided and has a propane starter that is easy and awesome.  Once the frame of the estate is warm, it stays that way for a long time.
The residences are overly insulated and retain cool throughout the summer, too.  Especially the main estate house; very pleasant in late summer.

The custom Little House has blue granite seamless shower with seat, and it matches three pony walls and the movable island in the kitchen.  The island is seating for five with corbels for ample support and a ‘king’ lazy susan two shelf cabinet underneath.
  All wooden window sill and frames were hand made and matched to the Brazilian Mahogany front door.  Most the interior doors are Alder.
   Ceiling is T+G throughout with 10’ ceilings everywhere except the kitchen.  Drywall was hand crafted by an artisan in the rare 50’s style, ‘lace’.  
   The wainscot in the Master is European-style and size (height).  
   I tried to capture an international flavor in the motif of the Little House, hence the Italian style awnings.
  The oversized two car garage is ample for your personal shop and the upper garage is the repair and maintenance shop for the vacation rental.  It can also include cars, mowers, equipment and etc.

Most outside doors thruout both residences are the expensive key-less entry. We have a Master Code that does not change but changing them is not difficult.  The renters get a new gate code for the tree lined driveway which is VERY easy to change, takes 15 seconds.  I let them leave the upper door unlocked or give them the ‘renter’ code of ‘9412’ which works on both breezeway and front door.

The main house landscaping is mostly drip system with landscape cloth.  Weeds are pulled up easily and the flower beds with sprayers when we bought the place needed weeding (bad) three times a year and very labor intensive. Now they are weeded in an hour, not 5 hours of back breaking hoe and debris removal; very easy and MUCH more water efficient.

The Little house exterior on the main house side was graded to move all the rain to the tree-lined driveway and during big rains it flows down the driveway and straight to the Fresno river two estates away.